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Rayborn Manor Bed & Breakfast

Comfort, Convenience and Economy

Rayborn Manor Bed & Breakfast Corona Virus Screening Protocol 

Protection of our guests and staff is our #1 priority, therefore all guest accommodations during this pandemic are located downstairs in guest rooms # 5 and # 6 until further notice.  We follow applicable Alabama Health Laws  and use a four step safety protocol as recommended to safeguard customers and employees  of  Rayborn Manor Bed and Breakfast.

1.  Pre-Screening Questions:

     a.  How do you rate your health today? Poor__ Fair__ Good__ Excellent__.​

          b.  Have you had the corona virus or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days?  Yes___ No___  

          c.  How many countries, states or cities have you visited in the last 14 days?  ________

          d.  Have you been quarantined or had a body temperature of 100.3 degrees in the last 14 days?  Yes___ No___

2.  Digital Thermal Temperature Scan:    

     ​a.    Guests with a temperature above 100.3 degrees will denied access to Rayborn Manor Bed and Breakfast.

                   The guest can be retested within 30 minutes.  A second high temperature on the retest will be the basis for access denial.

                   Once denied lodging access for health and safety reasons, the guest will be refunded the cost of lodging , minus a 15% service charge.

3.  Hand Sanitation and Protective Masks:  

            a. A Hand Sanitizing Station  is located just inside the entrance and all guests are encouraged to use the sanitizer, soap and 

                 water and/or protective gloves as needed.

            b.  Protective Mask should be use in accordance with Alabama Law for people in public and/or interacting with others in close settings. 

​​4.  Disposable Dining Flatware:  

      ​    a.  All breakfast meals will be served using disposable utensils, whether dining-in or carry-out.  

It is our goal at Rayborn Manor Bed and Breakfastt to maintain the highest standards of health and safety for our guests and our staff.   If you have suggestions to help improve the quality of our service, please forward your comments by email to [email protected] or leave a note on the message pads in each room.  Thank you for assistance and cooperation.

Rayborn Manor- Tourists Welcome

Authentic Melvin Sanford TU Picnic Table

Notasulga, Alabama.

Rayborn Manor Bed & Breakfast is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Located between Auburn and Tuskegee, Alabama its an ideal place to stay whether you are taking in a football game, visiting the many historical sites in the area or just simply on a getaway. No credit card is required to make a reservation. Valid ID and payment are due at check-in. Now, when you stay 7 nights at Rayborn Manor, the 8th night is free.

We offer: Complimentary Breakfast, Wi-Fi (provided by Hotspots), Handicapped Access, Satellite TV, Nature Trail and Southern Hospitality. Some cellular phone providers (AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) do not have reliable service here, but local phones are available for nationwide calling if needed. Please contact us for your next visit to our area. You can also connect with us by:

1) Webpage:

2) E-mail at [email protected]

3) Telephone # 1-334-339-1795, or


We are located at 2310 County Road 89 Tuskegee, Alabama 36083 and waiting to serve you.





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